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Why train?
 • Weight loss
 • Improve health
 • Sports therapy
 • Pre & post natal
 • Rehabilitation
Personal training
 • Core stability
 • Aerobics
 • Circuit training
 • Boxercise
 • Flexibility
 • Outdoor activities
Lifestyle consultancy
 • Nutritional advice
 • Stress management
 • Alcohol awareness
 • Smoking
 • Fitting exercise in!
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Personal Training and Lifestyle Consultancy

Our Approach

At walker fitness we believe that exercise should be fun, enjoyable and rewarding. Not everybody wants to train in a gym environment, as it can be de motivating and intimidating.
We believe that our clients can get the most out of themselves if they train in an
environment they feel comfortable in. Training at home or in a local park provides a sense of security and belief, without lots of mirrors and other people. It also allows other components to come into play such as fresh air.
Both Amanda and Nikki do a lot of training outside, on their bikes, walking and running and feel both mentally and physically well trained.

“We have participated in some form of exercise since we were very young, so also know the value of variability to keep exercise motivating and to continue future progress. That is why at Walker Fitness we take the control, planning your personal training programme to suit you and your goals.”

At Walker Fitness you will receive 100% dedication, and exercise sessions that are guaranteed to help you achieve your goals.

Training in the comfort of your own homeTraining outside in familiar environments